• 1 Bhagat Hospital

    Synergizing expertise with well-equipped infrastructure.
  • 1 Bhagat Hospital

    Synergizing expertise with well-equipped infrastructure.
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    Spreading happiness keeping you healthy
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    Medical care that touches your lives
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    A new perspective towards healthy living
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    Nurturing the bright future
Bhagat Hospital is a multi specialty hospital in the neighborhood with a view to provide immediate solution to all medical problems of the near by population. Keeping in mind that Indian medical services are really poor specially at ambulance and paramedic support, Bhagat Hospital delivers close to home medical support and also educates the community on First aid and Resuscitation from immediate health problems. We have all services under one roof observing high Quality standards, but at the same time we are cost effective. At Bhagat Hospital, Super specialties are not stressed - as is the attempt these days. In the medical system primary care is being provided by the General practitioner & small nursing homes & tertiary by the super specialty hospitals, but secondary care is ignored altogether. That is where Bhagat Hospital comes in and does its part for the neighborhood.

Bhagat Hospital with its prompt, accurate & reliable services, using its advanced equipment, recommends the correct and accurate therapy at really affordable price. We focus on the immediate neighborhood, using a team of professional doctors rather than an individual.

There are many behind the scene activities, which keep the system in place:

• ISO certification • WHO surgical safety check lists
• Patient feedback & follow ups • Inbuilt quality checks

  Obstetrics & Gynecology
  Pediatrics with Nursery
  Neurosurgery & Neurology
  Dental Surgery