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Audiology is a branch of science which deals with hearing and related disorders for all age group.

Speech therapy is the science of treating all kind of speech language disorders. An audiologist and speech language pathologist deals with all kind of hearing, speech and language problems for all age group.

In our hospital we have facility for screening hearing in newborns, hearing assessment, speech & language therapy, and hearing aid consultation.


• Neonatal hearing screening
• Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA)
• Auditory Steady State Responses
• Cochlear Implant consultation
• Cochlear implant rehabilitation
• Hearing aid consultation
• Speech therapy for all disorders like delayed speech and language development, Autism, ADHD, Disarticulation, Stammering, Aphasia, Dysarthria, voice disorders etc.


Neonatal hearing screening is done using Oto acoustic emission test which help to identify babies who have hearing loss as early as possible. One to two babies out of 1000 are born with permanent hearing loss. Hearing loss should be identified prior to 6 months of age because if children are identified with hearing loss prior to 6 months of age and their treatment and rehabilitation is provided on time, they have a better chance of developing skills equivalent to their peers by the time they enter school. Children not identified until later may suffer from permanent impairment in speech and language skills.