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Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Human behaviour is complex and so is the manifestation of all psychiatric disorders/ psychological issues. A person needs a professional help and consultation to understand such manifestation.In a country like India, a role of a psychiatrist and a psychologist is understated and therefore people avoid seeking treatment from them. But it is important to pay attention to mental health, as the symptoms may worsen up if ignored. Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Somatoform Disorders and many more are commonly diagnosed and have a prevalence across all age group, socio-economic status and gender.

We believe in holistic treatment approach here at Bhagat Chandra Hospital.Patient's Mental Health, Wellbeing and level of satisfaction is what we cater to apart from providing best medical facilities and interventions. To promote healthy mental health and wellbeing, now we have with us, a team of Clinical Psychologist and Psychiatrist to provide a comprehensive treatment for all psychiatric and related ailments.