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Opening Hours : 24 hours

Contact : Bhagat Hospital : 011-45102030, Bhagat Chandra Hospital : 011-45254525




VANYA, our NICU,is an initiative of Bhagat Chandra Hospital and La Femme to provide a world-class new born care center at affordable cost.

The process of birthing is not only a celebrated occasion throughout the world, but also a unique experience. The unit has been conceived and designed with the aim of celebrating this joyous occasion. The unit is backed by a highly trained and efficient team of Doctors, nurses, paramedics and customer care staff who want to be part of this occasion of “Delivering Joy".

We hope that we can create unforgettable memories for the mother and the baby’s family. Visit us and experience the difference. The unit has nursing home for women and child and best infrastructure with regard to obstetrics, gynecology and neonatology.

Neonatal Care

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is certified by the


As the highest level of intensive care.

• The Unit has revolutionized childbirth and maternity care in Dwarka.
• Boutique-birthing centre offers Obstetrics and Neonatal services of International/NABH standards
• Best equipped 16 bedded NICU - largest in the region
• Designed as per International/NABH/NNF guidelines
• Dedicated area of over 2400 sq ft
• Proper feeding area with all support to overcome lactational problem
• Separate Isolation area, nursery area, intensive care area
• Level I, II & III care availablewith Proven track record of more than 3 year
• Staffed by highly qualified & experienced Neonatologists & Neonatal consultant

Team of Doctors

Dr. Manish Jain Inchrage NICU & Consultant Neonatologist
Dr. Raghuram Mallaiah, Director Neonatology FORTIS
Dr. Manju Gwaswami consultant & developmental therapy Inchrage
Dr. Anand Singh Khushwaha–Pediatric Surgeon
Dr. Ashish Soni - Pediatric Cardiologist
Dr Uma Mallaiah Pediatric Ophthalmologist
Dr. Shivani Arora (hearing & speech therapist)
Neonatal consultant /registrar round the clock on duty


• Incubator
• Neonatal Ventilators
• Advanced High Frequency Ventilators
• AdvancedCPAP system(Infant flow driver)
• Bubble CPAP
• Warmers (Neonatal Open Care System)
• Infusion and Syringe Pumps
• Transport Incubator/ventilator with Embrace • Pulse Oximetery
• Multipara Monitor
• Single and double surface phototherapy units
• Transport ventilator
• Parental Nutrition preparation

High Frequency Ventilation System

• Only approved therapy for PPHN/Pulmonary Hemorrhage/Pneumothorax in newborn.
• Only hospital in Dwarka using this facility
• NCR region AIIMS, SGHR, only few other centers having this facility

TRANSPORT team (Neonatal emergency call -08860086061)

» Fully equipped Ambulance with modern facilities includingTransport Incubator/ventilator
» dedicated highly experienced doctor (Neonatologist/Pediatrician)
» Skilled Neonatal staff
» State-of-the-art emergency response

Neurological &Mental development care-

• NEUROPROTECTIVE Approach since day one to ensure best neurological outcome
• Developmental supportive care
• Pain free neonatal care (by neonatal Analgesia & minimal invasive care approach)
• Neurosensory stimulation & Early intervention therapyfor all high risk babies
• KMC/Maternal CARE

Neonatal surgery

• In House round the clock facility
• Qualified & experienced Pediatric Surgeon
All Neonatal surgery including TEF/DIPHRAGMATIC HERNIA /ABDOMINAL /HERNIA etc.
Cardiac & Neurological surgery conducted in association with higher referral center
Proven track record with 98% success rate.

Post Discharge Support

1- High risks follow up &Neurosensory stimulation & Early intervention therapyto ensure normal Neurodevelopment/Growth of your precious baby.
2- In era of nuclear family, regular Antenatal class & parental education to take care of baby at home & avoid myths before discharge.

Other Services

1. Radiology services- Complete range of servicesfor newborn babies include
Cranial and whole body USG with dedicated Neonatal probe
CT scan (In house)
Bed side Digital x-ray/dye study
2. Echocardiography (Neonatal & Pediatric) dedicated Neonatal probe with team of experienced CARDIOLOGIST & PEDIATRIC CARDIOLOGIST
3. Newborn screening test early detection & timely intervention is the key for insure better future & avoid complication
• ROP screening
• OAE ,hearing assessment & intervention
• Newborn Metabolic Screen Test
4. Special tests for newborn babies- Automated Blood Culture& others


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), treated more than 1200 sick babies in our NICU, and successfully saved the lives of critically ill babies with about 98.23% success, starting from 26 weeks gestation and birth weight of less than 700gms.


Why would you want to give birth in the BHAGAT CHANDRA with Fortis la famme HospitalUNIT instead of anotherHospital?

• Safety is the top most priority.
• A place where birth is celebrated as a major life transition rather than a medical event
• we are thoroughly prepared to take on even the most complicated cases
• Round the clock ,INHOUSE team of Highly qualified specialistsdoctor( obstrician &Gynecologist/Neonatologist & pediatrician/Anesthetics)
• Specially trained nurses to handle premature deliveries and emergencies
• Integrated care of the highest caliberWith Focused area of expertise results in better outcomes
• 24 hr blood bank facility
• 24 hr LAL lab/Imaging/radiology facilities
• Free from routine and unnecessary procedures that carry some risks for healthy women small, intimate, calm and home-like environment.
• Personalized, supportive and accessible care for families in a stressful time with Antenatal ( including ANTINATAL CLASSES) &post natal follow up

At last

• By established only successful NICU in west Delhi, people in the surrounding area need not to think go far away at critical time.
• We are here to provide highly qualified essential services at affordable cost( by removing five star component/ facilities), not only for upper class but also for middle & lower class so every new member of your family has a Right to live develop & grow as a Normal human being.
• Baby friendly hospital-
• We believe in Natural care as much as possible.